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How the vaporization cooling flue works

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The vaporization cooling flue is a cylindrical structure surrounded by a seamless steel pipe, and its cross section is square or circular. The arrangement of the steel pipes is water pipe type, diaphragm type pipe type and close-packed pipe type. The water pipe type flue is easy to be deformed; the pipe type pipe processing is time-consuming, the welding place is easy to crack and is not easy to repair; the densely arranged pipe type is not easy to be deformed, and the processing is difficult. Simple and easy to replace.

The vaporization cooling water is softened and deoxygenated. For the vaporization cooling system process. The vaporization cooling system can be naturally circulated or forced to circulate.

The steam generated in the vaporization cooling flue forms vapor and water mixture due to vaporization, and enters the steam drum through the ascending pipe. The steam is separated from the water, so the steam drum is also called the separator; after the steam and water are separated, the hot water is discharged from the descending pipe through the circulation pump. Also sent to the vaporization cooling flue to continue to use.

If the circulation pump is canceled, it is a natural circulation system, and the effect is also good. When the steam pressure in the steam drum rises to (6.77~7.85)×lOsPa, the pneumatic diaphragm regulating valve is automatically opened to allow the steam to enter the heat storage for the user to use.

When the steam pressure of the heat accumulator exceeds a certain value, the pneumatic diaphragm regulating valve on the upper part of the heat accumulator is automatically opened and released. When the steam drum needs to be replenished with soft water, it is delivered by a soft water pump.

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